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CRAFTS: Configurable RESTful APIs for triple stores

On February 10, there was a demonstration of «CRAFTS: Configurable RESTful APIs for triple stores».
CRAFTS is a system that makes it much easier to access triple warehouses by configuring web APIs for data access (using JSON as a data exchange format), making it possible to hide the complexity of the underlying semantic languages (SPARQL, RDF and OWL, mainly). The approach is completely generic, the only requirement is that the source data is exposed at one or more SPARQL points.
CRAFTS has several interesting features:

  • the approach is domain agnostic, can be used with forest, geospatial, heritage data …
  • allows you to federate data from multiple triple warehouses into a single API
  • stores SPARQL point responses to improve performance
  • CRAFTS APIs can be used for recording data (as long as credentials to update SPARQL points are included)
  • includes a «batch» mode to chain requests and generate «dumps» of results
    Target audience:
  • Consumers of Open Data
  • Open Data publishers aiming to leverage data access
  • Web developers struggling with Linked Open Data
  • Researchers in human-computer interaction for the Semantic Web
    CRAFTS has been partially funded by Cross-Forest, a European project (grant 2017-EU-IA-0140) that aims to produce Linked Open Data in the forestry domain to forecast wood quality and to limit forest fires propagation.