CROSS Harmonization & HPC modelization of FOREST Datasets

High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC)

The HPC infrastructures required for the implementation of the project are already in place.


Virtualization resources to host an end point were requested which, apart from being a result of the project itself, have also served its forest viewer/scouting device (Forest Explorer).


For CAMBrIc pilot, Cross-Forest has created models to forecast wood quality in mixed forests on higher surfaces than the municipality level, by using the National Forest Inventory and observational Big Data. This scenario is fully oriented towards end user’s interests (i.e., wood for wine barrels, biomass production, raw material for Composite Laminated Timber) and will be fully integrated in the final development of the models. The SIMANFOR simulator is used to carry out two of the main tasks of the CamBrIc pilot (calculating stocks and simulating their evolution). SIMANFOR is a web application that allows the simulation of sustainable forest management alternatives. It integrates different modules to manage forest inventories, simulate and project different stand conditions (through algorithms and formulas for prediction and projection), query systems, simulation outputs and security system.

The use of SCAYLE’s parallel computing infrastructure to run the SIMANFOR simulator will allow new calculations to be carried out more quickly and new studies to be carried out through the parallel execution of various simulations.

In the FRAME pilot, the goal of the Fire Simulator is to have a training and management tool that helps in making fire-fighting decisions. For this, the system must be able to perform, iteratively, different simulations for different combat scenarios, taking into account not only environmental variables, such as terrain orography, fuel models or climatic and atmospheric conditions, but also different simulations actions that the implanted extinguishing media can perform on the ground.

An easily scalable storage infrastructure, including backup and simulation history restoration procedures, has been designed and implemented in order to store the simulations carried out for future study and review. Specific work on Cross-Forest will be carried out as simulations and tests are generated by the partners.

The operational needs of the pilots were assessed and appropriate HPC capabilities were sized. In the case of the pilots, both share the same structure and characteristics with respect to the hardware for each of the resources that were designated for each one.

The details of the HPC facilities can be checked in the deliverable D1.1, available below for access.